Friday, October 29, 2010

Push back

This phone video was shot by a guy outside an abortion clinic, the poor man had to take his wife to have an abortion, because the child inside her had a rare condition called Sirenomelia. If that experience wasn't bad enough for the couple, he had to cope with some Christian wankers standing across the street holding up pictures of aborted foetuses and shouting biblical bollocks at them.

Unlike most (emotionally shattered) people in this situation he cracked and went over and told them what he thought of them, actually I think he was pretty polite, I would have used many more expletives. The response of the two cretins standing there was telling, first they tried to weasel their way out of it saying "sorry" and ended up threatening to fetch the police, at no point did they attempt to understand, what ignorant and evil hypocrites they truly are.

And they say Atheists are supposed to be the mean-spirited ones.


Elizabeth said...

That sort of stuff makes me sick. I used to live and work in Mississippi and had to drive past a little abortion clinic where picketers protested every day. I felt so sorry for people who went there and were abused like that. I think the place had to close because of the protestors so basically if you want to get an abortion in Mississippi, you have to travel out of state or I guess resort to other measures.

Steve Borthwick said...

E, I think I'd really struggle to live somewhere like that, not much more sophisticated than mob rule.

Lisa said...

I used to do do volunteer clinic escorting where we helped women coming to those clinics to get inside without being subjected to that stuff (IF they wanted to avoid it, of course).

Those people were really nasty and would do anything to try to get someone to reconsider (I never saw anyone leave as a result of seeing that stuff, fwiw). As if the women who were going in there weren't already making difficult decisions.

I used to tell them that if they really wanted those babies born they should put their money where their mouths are, and offer to buy those women food, pay their rent, provide free day care so that they can work or finish their education, etc., instead of trying to get visual images in their heads and then stranding them with children they may not be able to look after. But they had no interest in those little "precious gifts from god" those women carried after they were born.