Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Irony seeping from every pore

I just loved this story on the BBC today; its about the "Presbyterian Moderator" some bloke called Dr Norman Hamilton (in case you're wondering, yes it's a theology degree) apparently Mr Hamilton has refused to shake the hand of the Pope or be presented to him when he comes to the UK. He claims that the reason for this is "troubling differences" regarding how the Vatican is dealing with the issues surrounding past child abuse cases in Ireland, he doesn't sound very "moderate", anyway fair enough I suppose. The issue is an important one and it's a long way from being settled in Ireland and elsewhere so a little protest aimed at the leader of the organisation responsible for these things seems reasonable, what tickled me was the response to this from Chris Patten (the man appointed to be the personal representative of the Pope while he is here).

Patten said,

"I am strongly of the view that the Christian churches should work together and should shake one another's hand rather than behave as though we were living in the depths of the 16th century,but perhaps some people are more comfortable in the 16th century than they are living in the 21st."

Woah! hold on a minute this is the organisation that took 400 years to agree that the Earth revolves around the sun and still performs exorcisms! So much for Catholics being a little contrite for all that suffering caused by members of their sect and just a little kettle calling the pot black if you ask me.

I predict a lot of this kind of thing over the coming days...

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