Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Them's balls!

Clearly this isn't a question of national importance but never the less is one that's handy for those of us bloggers with a puerile sense of humour and always on the look-out for a cheap pun. The question is, who has the biggest testicles in the animal kingdom?

According to a recent scientific reckoning that dubious honour goes to the Bush Cricket who's cajones weigh in at around 14% of body mass, to put this in perspective if these high density danglers belonged to a human male they would weigh around 5KG each!

The current theory about why the Bush Cricket's equipment is so impressive is that it's more beneficial for the species if males mate with as many different females as possible rather than having higher quality individual pairings. But  thinking about it we probably already knew that, i.e. the more females you court simultaneously the bigger balls you need...

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