Monday, November 08, 2010

Transfer window opens

5 Anglican Bishops who don't like the idea that morality is a plastic concept and shaped by reason, society and human solidarity are leaving to join the Catholics. Apparently a transfer deal was done a while ago with the Pope who (of course) loves the idea that morality is something that is determined by his organisation and none other. I can't believe that the Anglican leadership can be happy about this although since the child abuse scandals there seem to be a lot of disaffected Catholics around at the moment so perhaps a more general Christian re-shuffle is on the cards?

What apparently passes both organisations by is the fact that they expect the rest of us to hold their ideas in high regard and with unconditional respect, even to the point of attempting to enshrine this concept in our Laws. Yet they feel happy to change their own beliefs so easily, for the sake of politics you could say, swapping and changing like "cafeteria believers". From the atheist perspective this is simply more evidence that truth and people are not as important to the faithful as tradition and authority (despite what they claim), in other words, the garments of the emperors becoming more and more transparent with each passing year.

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