Sunday, November 21, 2010


Rationalists among us would be forgiven for thinking that at the start of this week that they'd be on a pretty sure footing asserting that, "a leading 1st world economy like Ireland can't go bankrupt" and the "Pope is Catholic", now it's Sunday and I'm feeling a little unsettled. Firstly it looks like the Irish economy is a lot worse off than any one thought, they have conceded defeat and called in the IMF, it also looks like we'll be bailing them out with a few billions too, because let's be honest, that's what we do these days, i.e. knock our pans out to earn a living and then give the money away to incompetent hucksters because they lost all theirs. I bet our friends over the sea curse the day the nickname "Celtic Tiger" was coined. Secondly we have an alarming comment from the Pope that supposedly condones the use of condoms in certain circumstances in order to prevent the spread of HIV. What horror is this? The bottom has fallen from the world of us secular rationalists; a Pope saying something almost sensible and not spouting ignorant, dogmatic and self-serving drivel, I must admit the example of male prostitutes wouldn't seem to me to be the main-stay of the HIV challenge but hey, I guess you have to start somewhere.

Lets face reality though, tomorrow we'll be waking to hear that the bill to bail out the Irish will be much bigger than expected and we'll all have to give up the use of a limb for a few years and the Pope will "clarify" his message pointing out that the ghost of Mother Theresa told him that it's only valid to use johnnies in months containing the letter "Z", such is the way of the world.

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