Monday, January 16, 2012

Americans and Brits

Everyone knows that there are some really obvious cultural differences between the USA and the UK, tea breaks and coffee breaks, thanksgiving, green-backs, irony and I dare not even mention fannies. However these differences pale to insignificance when compared to how the two peoples view the relationship between politics and religion.

Here in the UK secularists have been running a campaign recently against creationism being taught as science in schools, particularly schools that are funded or part-funded from the public purse, that campaign has been successful and the Government agrees, taking an eminently sensible and secular position. Michael Gove, the education secretary said,

"We will not accept any academy or free school proposal which plans to teach creationism in the science curriculum or as an alternative to accepted scientific theories," the spokesman said, adding that "all free school proposals will be subject to due diligence checks by the department's specialist team".

Hopefully this will mean that huckster creationists are further marginalised and will be confined to peddle their ridiculous lies somewhere other than science classes, ideally somewhere other than schools! In America however they take a different tac, creationists run for President.

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