Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UCL, shame on you!

Here's a little story that caught my eye today. It's about an atheist group at UCL (University College London) who created a Facebook page to publicise a social event at a pub. Now then, where do you think they could they lay their hands on a suitable image that conveys the image of a pub and the notion of outspoken atheism all in one neat package?

That well known comic strip Jesus and Mo of course! (see above) One of my favourite cartoon strips, which I often feature here and like any good satirical cartoon, always right on the money when it comes to poking fun at religious hypocrisies, injustices and inconsistencies. The powers that be at the UCL union (ironically the first secular University in this country) asked for the image to be removed because, yes you guessed it, it might offend Muslims (why they thought it wouldn't offend Christians baffles me?)

So what I say, who among us has the divine right not to be offended? I am offended by the images on the web site of the UCL Islamic society showing children being indoctrinated and Women being oppressed, images which aren't part of an obviously absurdist and satirical comic but actually REAL! If you feel, as I do, that free-speech trumps spurious religious sensibilities and that the right to free expression should include the right to criticise religion then sign this petition. If you believe that just because something offends you that you should be able to impose your parochial and unjustified beliefs on everyone else by banning it then start a cartoon strip mocking freedom, liberty and enlightenment of your own, however don't be surprised if some of us take the piss.

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