Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Bachmann turned over and drives

It looks like Michele Bachmann, US Republican presidential candidate has quit her campaign. This is good news for secular and liberal people the world over, Bachmann was an anti-science, pro-Christian evangelist barbie-doll of the right wing a member of the notoriously unreasonable "tea-party". She believes things like earthquakes and hurricanes are messages from (her) God and that evolution never happened. Amazingly she calls herself a politician in touch with the needs of the people and yet holds anti-vaxer, climate change denial and anti-gay views an almost perfect right wing fundamentalist loony CV, good riddance to her, just the guy with the magic underpants, the womanising bigot, a piece of arse froth, a creationist cowboy and the really old bloke to go now.

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