Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rattled of Mayfair

I happened across even more evidence that those militant apologists are seriously rattled by Richard Dawkins recent survey about UK Christians today. The Daily Telegraph, fresh from the deliciously bile filled article I mentioned yesterday about the sins of the Father, also features an article by Charles Moore, the ex-editor of that that paper who takes another snipe at Dawkins putting even more phantasmal words into his mouth than a writhing Pentecostalist speaking in tongues.

I've come across Moore before, he's one of those right-wing intellectuals who thinks that religion is good for us plebs; I'm suspicious that what he really means is that it keeps Eton and Cambridge types like Moore at the top of the heap by venerating tradition over reason and the parochial interests over equality. The last occasion I had to listen to the views of Mr Moore was at a public debate between him and Dawkins, it's obvious from spittle flecked words in this article that Moore is still bitter about the intellectual drubbing that Dawkins gave him that night, the man obviously finds it difficult to reason objectively about what he believes and clearly bears a grudge.

Practically every paragraph of Moore's article reads to me like a smug and narrow minded puff of Tory hot air in favour of inequality and establishment, all the usual canards are there, Dawkins, Gays, Science, Atheists, morality, virtuous faith, Jews, (murdering) Muslims and the EU, climate change denial and abortion would have made the complete set but I guess there must have been a word limit. The conclusion of the piece is a rather bizarre argument along the lines that the C of E privilege is a good thing because it discourages other religions from squabbling over power and therefore different followers from killing each other, at first glance this seems like a contorted and circular piece of illogic but I have to admit, if it's true, it's a compelling argument for secularism and atheism..

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