Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who ate all the pi's?

No, not another story about Eric Pickles but a much more interesting and heart-warming story about UK engineering capability and the inspirational perseverance of a few Computer Science geeks. The Raspberry Pi computer that I commented on back in May last year has (after six years of development) been officially launched, you can actually buy one!

For those of us with an interest in overhauling technology and science education in this country this is a great step forward in the right direction, and will hopefully generate a lot of much needed positive publicity in the coming days and weeks about bringing some hardcore innovation and invention back into our tired and shallow curricula. The price looks like it's going to be around £22 per computer, that's fantastic, easily putting the machines within the reach of pretty much every school kid in the land; a marvellous feat of design and production engineering, I might even have a go at producing some educational software for it myself, watch this space!

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