Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Knickers to clerics

I saw this rather odd story on the wire today, it's about a group of religious "clerics" in Saudi Arabia who are threatening to pray for a member of the government to "get cancer" if he doesn't stop women getting jobs in (female) underwear shops. I suppose it's fairly predictable that a bunch of misogynous fundamentalist males would object to females doing anything remotely related to biology but the unanswered question that  fascinates me more is who they think *should* work in women's underwear shops? pubescent males? can you imagine the amount of shop soiled stock that would involve! The other fascinating thing about this story is what the name of God (praise be upon his boxers) are "prayers for cancer", isn't this the same as voodoo? I thought witch-craft was punishable by death in Saudi Arabia!

The whole thing is pants if you ask me...

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