Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Simple answers

Often, (most usually when I'm down the pub with friends) the subject of technology comes up and as the token "technologist" in the group I will be consulted regarding the relative merits (or otherwise) of whatever it is. Like the Oracle of Delphi (or should that be TVP?) I receive questions from the less technically au-fait among them and like the Oracle of Delphi my wisdom is imaginary. However, being in the technology business I feel a certain responsibility to provide objective and positive responses to such questions even though they tend to be quite barbed!. Being a bunch of curmudgeonly old gits and set in their ways my friends pose questions that frequently fall into repeated forms, usually along the lines of "that's ridiculous, who could possibly need that?"

I've often been tempted to pre-compile a list of stock answers that can simply be referred to in a kind of "self-help" way but the clever people at beat me to it - here's their solution (it made me smile)..

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