Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun run fun

My family badgered me into doing a 5K charity "fun-run" on Saturday; I had planned on having a lazy morning but they were all doing it and needed a lift so I was faced with an hour of standing around in a field (in the rain) waiting for them or getting my pallid English legs out, they shamed me into joining them. I'm really glad I did it was great fun, a cross-country run around Swinley Forest, up hill and down dale and in every gulley was a pool of glorious mud fuelled by constant downpours of heavy rain! Once we'd cleaned the mud off our trainers, dried off and warmed up a bit we spent the entire afternoon curled up on the sofa drinking hot cups of tea, watching Pixar movies and eating the last of the Easter eggs, hard to beat I reckon.

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