Sunday, May 31, 2015

Craft beer goodbyes

One of the guys who works for me is leaving after 4 years with the company and we decided to have a little shindig on Friday evening at a new craft beer pub that opened earlier in the year in Reading. The pub is called the Castle Tap and it's just a short walk from the town centre. I believe this is the first proper craft beer pub in the area, other pubs feature the odd beer from a craft brewery (guest ale style) but this pub actually specialises in stocking a large number of beers of all styles, on tap and in bottles and also in cans. The usual suspects were there from brewers like Siren, Beavertown and Weird Beard as well as some more obscure tipples from places I'd never heard of. I particularly liked a beer called Brigid Fire which is a 6.3% smoked rye IPA; very bitter but with good depth and a nice light smoky background to it. Over the course of the evening we worked our way through quite a few on the list and much laughter ensued. I left the place well after 11pm feeling a lightness in the head and a lightness in the pocket (craft beer isn't cheap!) but a good night was had by all and I suspect I shall be returning to this venue for a fix of beery craftiness over the Summer some time.

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