Thursday, May 28, 2015

Overdue apologies

So, the Methodists have apologised for the abuse of thousands of children dating back to the 1950s, I suppose it's a case of better late than never did God not know, or not care, or could he not do anything about it?

In other news scientists have discovered the earliest evidence of human on human violence; forensic investigation of remains from a cave in Spain show a skull that has suffered multiple blows to the same spot with the same weapon, strongly suggesting an intent to kill. By dating the surrounding sediments the team have estimated that the event happened roughly 430,000 years ago; or to put it another way around 20,000 average human generations, now that's an overdue apology!

Breaking yesterday, it would appear that FIFA is a vipers nest of corruption and deceit after all. Many people within the game and who follow it closely have suspected this for a long time and have repeatedly called for a change of management within the central organisation. Hopefully we will see the guy at the top removed and a clean sweep of the rotten fruit that has been allowed to accumulate in this bloated corpse of a money obsessed boys club. I wonder when all those loyal fans and supportive communities who have been defrauded and exploited will get an apology?

Pussy Galore is back in a new James Bond book written by Anthony Horowitz and presumably destined to become an action movie at some point in the future. The mainstream media outlets seem unusually keen on this story today, all that smirking behind clasped hands is almost palpable through the screen. I hear that when Ian Fleming's niece went to see Horowitz to discuss the plot she was looking to revive a money spinning double entendre, so he gave her one.

I apologise in advance to those who might be offended by such literary imagery.

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