Monday, May 11, 2015

He is risen!

Well, just like in the famous story, he died and then three days later rose from the dead to wander around a bit like a zombie before retaining his position on the throne. A lot of people seem to believe that like the mythical Jesus, Nigel Farage also walks on water but let's face it Jesus had a bit more of a pragmatic approach to unscrupulous money lenders. I'm sure this is some kind of political technicality being acted out here, if you say you're going to resign then in my book you should resign; that means handing back your car parking pass, dropping the laptop off at the IT support desk and exit stage-right to get a proper job. You'd have thought old Nigel would have relished the leaving-do booze up and as for the inappropriate quips that would have been tweeted at such an event, so probably are the British media! In this case though, it seems "resigning" means ducking a few awkward questions for a couple of days and then jumping right back into your right-leaning saddle just where you left off.. close but no cigar.

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