Sunday, August 23, 2015

A lot of bottle!

More Islamist trouble in France on Friday as a gunman threatened to unleash his AK-47 on a crowded high speed train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris. Fortunately a couple of the passengers had other ideas and whilst the terrorist was fiddling with his bullet clip they rushed and disarmed him, they then beat him unconscious and tied him up until the train reached the next station. Two of the heroes were US soldiers on holiday in Europe and one of them was injured in the scuffle with a knife, unfortunately one other passenger was shot but hopefully will live. I hate to imagine what would have happened had these army guys not been in that carriage at that time, does the good luck of the people on that train cancel out the bad luck of the people killed on the A27, no, it's just random, no one ever wrote a fable about all the times the hare won the race.

The word brave doesn't do these guys justice, how long will it be before we have marshals on trains as well as planes?

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