Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wine festival

I've been in France with my family this week taking a little break from the rat race; more specifically in the South West of France near Toulouse visiting some friends who have a lovely renovated farm house down there. At the weekend we visited a nearby town to check out their annual wine festival and sampled local food and wine while the kids had great fun at the travelling fun-fair that had been installed for the day. The town is called Madiran and is famous for a particular variety of grape called "Tannat" which produces highly tannic wines, French AOC rules stipulate that wines from Madiran must contain 40% Tannat to be labelled as such and most of those wines satisfy the internal market and don't often end up in UK wine shops or in restaurants here, it's a shame because some of them are really very nice. In the picture I've snapped our little stash of bread, cheese, fruit and local wine* for a couple of nights in with good company, funny films and fiendish card games.

* Apart from the one with the yellow label which is from Pomerol in Bordeaux. I found this one going cheap in a supermarket in Auch and just had to try it (it's really expensive in the UK).

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