Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Champion hypocrite?

I read today on the BBC news site that Anjem Choudary, the poster child of Islamic buffoonery in the UK, is facing charges for "inviting support" for ISIS during a lecture. I'm not sure that this will be much more than an inconvenience to Choudary and probably qualify him and/or his group of dangerously deluded parasites for even more state benefits.

Most of the papers are showing pictures of Choudary in his religious uniform, beard and beanie (as per the BBC story) etc. but I prefer to think of him in the above picture which shows an earlier incarnation of the man in a less pious setting, I think I know which portrait is more reflective of his true character, if there were awards for hypocrisy then this bloke would be world-class (fortunately there aren't and he most definitely isn't).

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