Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A night on the lash?

When pensioner Karl Andree fancied a night out on the lash he probably wasn't envisaging what he ended up getting. Andree made the fatal mistake of living in Saudi where making a bit of home brew to chug with your mates is a corporal offence; he got caught with some wine in his car and has spent more than a year in prison as a result. Of course being Saudi, a prison sentence is not enough to appease their petty minded cultism, the sentence passed now calls for 360 lashes in addition to custody; the relatives of this unfortunate bloke are concerned that he won't survive it.

Part of me thinks this guy is daft for a) living in a place with such stupid laws and b) getting caught, however it's easy to be glib about other people's circumstances. I have many friends who spent time in Saudi working for various oil companies in the 80s and 90s and they say that making home brew for social occasions is a universal tradition among ex-pats there; why can't Muslims just respect our culture and our traditions I hear you ask..

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