Friday, October 30, 2015

Doing well

I was wandering around Waitrose the other day and happened to see some beer from local (Finchampstead) producer Siren Craftbrew. I've visited their brewery a couple of times now and enjoy most of their beers (here is a write up of my last trip) I particularly admire their experimental philosophy and am delighted to see them achieving a measure of the "big time", i.e. being stocked by a major supermarket chain. Hopefully many more people will get to try their core range and be inspired to take a look at some of their other seasonal and collaborative brews. Of the Waitrose selection I would strongly recommend "Soundwave" (which has the purple label in the photo) it's an American style IPA full of citrus and resinous hop flavours a great place to start the journey and very drinkable; if you see it, grab a bottle to try!

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