Sunday, November 22, 2015

Doubt it.

Archbishop Welby has admitted that the terror attacks in Paris recently have made him "doubt" the presence of God. Welby questioned where his God was while these barbaric attacks were occurring, its a good question and this is certainly an honest revelation of his feelings, I can't fault him for that. However, I must point out that "God" was smack bang in the middle of these terror attacks. What Welby didn't acknowledge, which seems obvious to most people, is that the God of Islam was very much "present" in the imaginations of the jihadists as they ran around the Bataclan firing bullets into children.

From an atheist perspective the question that Welby asks has a fairly obvious answer, i.e. nothing that happens on this planet suggests the presence of a (benevolent) God; everything suggests the absence of one, particularly the irrational evolved primate behavior of a few of it's inhabitants. For all of us, the insertion of the invented values and edicts of imaginary "Gods" into national politics is a big part of the problem here.

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