Saturday, November 21, 2015

Looking vs. seeing

I watched Roger Waters performing "The Wall" on DVD last night, quite superb it was too, albeit slightly self indulgent. It's rare that music today grabs me like this did back in 1979, it was the sound track to my coming of age I suppose and I consider myself lucky that it was so brilliant. A sheer accident of birth of course, I could of had much worse (Kajagoogoo for example). Anyway, this film which shows a staging of the famous Floyd album by Waters in Berlin (appropriate) is about personal isolation, fear, group-think and circularity is Waters best work and has in it one of my favourite tracks ever, comfortably numb, and a guitar solo that's hard to top IMO.

As if by divine revelation I saw this little cartoon today (above), it struck a double chord, there's the obvious symbolism of the wall but also the underlying message is very relevant to the news this week. The way I see it is that the wonders of life, love and the universe will be unseen by you if you limit yourself to only reading one book, this is bound to generate resentment but the solution is in plain sight.

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