Thursday, March 31, 2016

Careful what you wish..

Been catching up on a story that hit the wire last week about Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah who was brutally stabbed to death last week; initially it was reported as a possible reprisal attack in response to the Brussels bombings (Mr Shah is a Muslim) but that was swiftly retracted when it became clear that the attacker was also a Muslim. Since then an arrest has been made and it has surfaced that the attack was religiously motivated; apparently, hours before his death, Mr Shah had wished his Christian customers "Happy Easter" on Facebook; this blasphemy was his victimless crime.

Religious people the world over need to open their eyes and learn this important lesson; I don't need to believe in wizards and magic to enjoy Harry Potter! It's all fiction people, get over it and start living life thinking for YOURSELF, without the millstone of ancient mythology and superstition. Far more happiness, peace, wisdom and beauty will come to you this way.

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