Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Faith in cats

Whilst visiting the Kruger National park with his disciples Christian "prophet" Alec Ndiwane (emboldened by the holy spirit) decided it would be a good idea to demonstrate how God has given man dominion over the beasts of the land by charging out of the tour car toward a group of lions. Unfortunately the good prophet should have had more faith in nature and less in his man-made baloney. The lions promptly charged right back at him, at which point he lost his nerve and did a rapid 180 back towards the car (clearly there are limits to his faith) the ranger fired off a couple of warning shots which seemed to do the trick but not before one of the pride took a nice bite out of the "flank" of the preacher for which a quick visit to the local hospital was required. There are many morals to this story, firstly, it doesn't matter which one of the thousands of man-made Gods you profess to believe in, don't mess with lions, they don't give a stuff about Yahweh, they only see lunch. Secondly, the stories in the Bible aren't literally true, they're just stories, reused and re-factored by many cultures over many centuries to entertain, control and inform people about the primitive societies they lived in; these days we can stay in the land-rover or on our sofas and let Steve Backshall do all the risky stuff in HD!

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