Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Understanding Easter

An old J&M cartoon that explains Easter (not!) 

I've always struggled to rationalise what this story is supposed to mean (probably why I'm not religious) Now, don't get me wrong, I love chocolate and marzipan as much as the next evolved primate, but why cakes with balls on them, eggs and rabbits etc. ? Never mind, why not I suppose, a couple of days off to decorate the spare room and de-clutter the shed is always a bonus.

Out of interest I asked my kids what they thought Easter meant and even after 5+ years of "RS" (religious studies) and church services every week (effectively mandatory at their school) they had no clue either. Probably a big hint that it's time to relegate this stuff out of the mandatory class stream and replace it with something more practical and therefore memorable (like history of religion, Philosophy and/or Ethics) Perhaps if the Easter story actually made some logical sense it might stick better in the minds of the un-invested as things stand it's clearly nonsensical to most people in the UK these days.

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