Monday, May 23, 2016

Holy cow ....?

Human beings are such strange creatures. Almost every culture and sub-culture seems to need to invent weird and improbable ideas in an attempt to explain to themselves why they're not all billionaire play(boy/girl) super-models (or whatever they aspire to). Here we see the Hindu variety of this phenomenon in action, small children and babies are being physically hurled into cow shit. Of course this is not you're regular garden variety BS, this is "magic" dung that will bring "good luck" (didn't work for these kids, they just got thrown in a bunch of manure!) Of course I'm not singling out Hinduism for ridicule here, many cultures have similar customs and certainly all religions seem more or less founded on ridiculous ideas like this, aka, magic and superstition. By now we should all know what gives us mere mortals the best chance of a healthy and full life, it's education and the opportunity to use it of course, the exact opposite of believing in the power of BS.

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