Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Inhumane humans

One of my favourite Catholic Archbishops, Vincent Nichols has been confirming his preference for dogma over humanity again by publicly backing bishops in Poland who are calling for a total ban on all abortion. Currently in Poland (a predominantly Catholic county) Women are permitted to have control over their own bodies in only a few special circumstances; they are graciously allowed an abortion in cases of rape or ill heath or when the foetus isn't developing properly. 

Church leaders (Catholic ones) aren't happy with this arrangement however, they don't want Women (of any faith) to have this much control, they would prefer to impose their own primitive (male dominated)  mythology over that society and ban all abortion completely. Let that sink in for a minute, this unconscionable parasite in a gold hat would prefer it that Women are forced to raise the child of a rapist or a severely disabled infant and live with that psychological anguish, burden and regret for their whole lives rather than simply do the right thing and determine the course of their own biology, as is easily (and safely) facilitated these days by modern medicine. 

I can only hope that the people of Poland, particularly it's Women-folk, see sense and kick the cynical proposal made by these callous old virgins in the proverbial vestibules. As has happened in most Western European countries (except Ireland), the influence of the Catholic church has dramatically diminished over time as the populations have become better educated and generally less credulous; perhaps as more Polish people start to realise how undemocratic and backward theocracy tends to be they will gradually pries open the suffocating grip of this sinister death cult and join the rest of Europe in the 21st century.

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