Thursday, May 26, 2016

Laws inspired by myths

Great article in the Independent by Mark Steel, very funny and, like the best forms of humour, bitingly satirical as well.

It's about the tyrannical and archaic abortion laws in Northern Ireland and the recent prosecution of a young Woman for deciding to have an abortion that, in any other part of the UK, would be perfectly legal. In my view these laws are discriminatory, unfair and a disgrace to the legal system of the UK as a whole, a bizarre religiously inspired relic that would be best consigned to history. In my mind this is about a very basic human right, people should be free to control their own bodies, free from meddling male virgins who have no special insight or authority in these matters, save that they belong to a historically privileged organisation whose most recent claim to fame is that it has a big problem with child-rapists! But not to worry, they regularly hear voices in their heads and, on Sundays, have 2000 year old zombies for breakfast.. (exactly the kinds of people you want to take ethical advice from... not!)

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