Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Emptying the cesspool

Noticed a couple of heart warming stories in the papers recently, a week or so ago we had the splendid news that (finally) loud-mouthed ignoramus Anjem Choudary has been prosecuted for inciting hatred and supporting/promoting ISIS and other terrorist groups. Choudary is one of the most odious individuals you'll ever likely encounter, a hypocrite, a manipulator and a benefits scrounger to boot. For years this parasite has been hiding behind Islam (not a difficult thing to do in our society) in order to make money, promote theocracy and push a political manifesto based on religiously justified bigotry, injustice, prejudice and racism that has lead to many people becoming radicalised and committing violent acts against innocent people. The sooner he's banged up the better; although I can't help thinking that some other bed-shirted buffoon will simply step into his sandals and pick up from where he left off, an important question for our legal system is how we deal with them when they emerge.

Yesterday we had a story about the ISIS strategist Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, a man who has been recorded urging lone-wolf attacks against the West like the ones we've seen in Paris and Nice. The Americans finally tracked him down to a location in Aleppo, Syria and killed him with an air-strike. The dismantling of ISIS is proving to be painfully slow, it's depressing to consider how many more deaths will likely occur in our cities and in the Middle-East before this movement is finally defeated, the best you can say is "every little helps".

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