Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Who would have predicted..

Reading a story on the BBC site this evening about new security guidance being sent to all churches in the UK advising that they should have CCTV as well as a door that can be secured in the event of a terrorist attack. Clearly some intelligence has been received and people in the UK are now potentially threatened in the same way that we've seen attacks on institutions in France and elsewhere.

It's a classic ploy for weak armies to use gullible amateurs (often children) to hit soft targets like this, hopefully ISIS is scraping the barrel in terms of it's capabilities to hurt us, but never the less it's an alarming prospect. In 1986 if you'd have asked me what dynamic would most likely threaten our country in 30 years time I would have said, nuclear war, Irish politics, plague, Chernobyl fall-out, mad cow disease but I wouldn't have even thought of religious war. I would have assumed it simply too medieval to even consider, and yet here we are, one religious faction attacking another in order to provoke a sectarian response; our species predilection for pointless self-destruction on the basis of pure fantasy is mind-numbing at times.

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