Friday, October 27, 2017

Deep Waters

Been listening to a radio interview that Roger Waters did a while back when he released his latest album, "Is this the life we really want". In it he talks about an omitted verse on one of the songs on that album called "Deja Vue" in which he muses on what he would have done if he were "God" It's a thought provoking track, as is the whole album, it's cut from the typical Waters mould (i.e. political activism) and it's hard not to disagree with most of what he says. The music has been produced to a very high standard IMO, highly recommended, anyway, the verse is as follows,

If I had been god I would not have chosen anyone, 
I would have laid an even hand on all my children every one,
Would have been content to forego Ramadan and Lent,
Time better spent in the company of friends,
Breaking bread and mending nets.

If I was God I would have left it in..

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