Saturday, October 21, 2017

London treats..

Special treat for us yesterday, we attended a service at Westminster Abbey that celebrated my daughters school (which was founded in Westminster) It was delightful, the girls put on a great show, choral and dance performances all very polished in a wonderful setting. I also learned that the ex-head girls of her school are allowed to marry in the Abbey, now there's an incentive! Of course I was less keen on all the God stuff, but being in the presence of Darwin, Newton, Rutherford, Thompson and Faraday, I couldn't really complain, you can see Newtons tomb centre picture. 

Afterwards we went for a great meal at Temper in Soho, an open fire-pit (mostly) beef & lamb restaurant. It was also great to see tons of people out enjoying themselves on a Friday night, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the streets were heaving; feeling more like August than late October. We caught the train home around 9 and were all tucked up in bed by 10:30, a memorable family day out.

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