Thursday, October 19, 2017


Yep, this is pretty much what my kids would think.. 

Back in the day, I remember trying to buy a copy of Windows 3 while working in Cape Town. Back then the old style 5 inch floppies were the norm down there but my computer (a relatively new one) was fitted with a 3.5 inch drive. Predictably, the shop I was in only had the software on the old larger floppy disks and I think Windows came on a pile of about 20 of them!

I explained my predicament to the chap in the shop and, after much confusion, he suddenly realised what I was on about and said in his thickest Afrikaans accent "ah so you want a stiffy" I'd never heard these disks called that before and it took me a while to realise what the hell he was on about (I did initially think the conversation had taken a rather odd turn), but, it made perfect sense, you have floppy's and stiffy's. For years afterwards I deliberately and mischievously used this term, predictably with much associated giggling from my Northern hemispheric colleagues, of course the joke died with the device, still, now we have pokes and fat-pipes to snigger about instead.

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