Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bubble, bubble, no trouble at all...

Got up early today and spent a pleasant morning making a new brew. It's a fruity, hazy IPA made with a London yeast strain, which, will hopefully impart a fruity-ester character to what is normally quite a dry style. 

I'm using a type of yeast for the first time and in the picture above you can see the pack it comes in. Rather ingeniously they put a sealed pouch of yeast nutrient inside the pack and a few hours before you're ready to use it you "smack" the packet to burst the inner pouch to release the goodies into the yeast suspension. Then the yeast goes to work and the pack swells up with the Carbon Dioxide produced by the cells, that way you know that the yeast is healthy and it gets a head start on activating ready for fermentation of your beer. Looks like I have a healthy batch so have high hopes for my brew; we'll see how it progresses through the day, should be bubbling away by tonight. 

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