Monday, November 06, 2017

Tax parasites

So, it seems that, along with many of the "super-rich" our royal family have been squirrelling cash away "off-shore" in tax havens like Bermuda and investing in questionable companies that rip people off. I also wonder if the Pope is Catholic and bears, well, you know... 

It's mildly amusing to see the hoards of royal apologists coming out of the woodwork this morning to engage in some turbo-charged, knee-chaffing, grovel-mongering, appealing to a majority of people in this country who seem to turn a blind eye to the excesses of our parasite in chief and her extended family, for no other obvious reason than they seem to like a nice hat and a bit of bling at Ascot. I particularly like the defence that "she didn't know what the money was being invested in", next time I get a tax bill from the revenue, I might try that one. I wonder how far I'd get by pleading that I lost track of what I earned? Not far I'd bet.

It would seem ironic that the country (i.e. the UK) that administers most of these so called tax-havens is the one complaining that it's richest inhabitants seem to be benefiting from them. If the government is so offended by this then why not just shut them down? I think we all know the answer to that. Most of them have their noses in the trough too (or aspire to), and even if they don't they're paranoid that if they upset the money-men too much then they'll bugger off somewhere else (which is probably what they'll do after Brexit anyway) You have the think that sometimes we get the leaders we deserve.

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