Monday, November 06, 2017

Trendy Muslim?

I see that Islamic apologist and Oxford Professor Tariq Ramadan is in trouble over some alleged sexual misconduct with minors. This isn't the first time that Ramadan has been accused of impropriety of this kind. Last month a female French author accused him of rape and since then two more women have come forward claiming similar offences. Prof. Ramadan denies all these charges but if true, they represent a dramatic fall from grace for this frequent TV chat/debate-show visitor and once adviser on Islamic extremism to Tony Blair after the 7/7 London attacks. 

The Charlie Hebdo cover above pokes fun at his predicament (for which they've received death-threats apparently), the speech bubble reads "I am the sixth pillar of Islam" a reference to one of the key differences between Shia and Sunni philosophies, a theological question for an Islamic theologian with perhaps a more "secular" dilemma in front of him today.

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