Friday, June 29, 2018

Red in tooth and claw

The problem with nature is that it's out to get you!

Living things are governed by unseen laws of selection far more potent than Liberal rhetoric and Conservative propaganda, these laws mean that every possible opportunity and weakness is exploited and exploited ruthlessly without prejudice or favoritism. Take the recent serious outbreak of Measles in Bristol (see photo above) for example, here we have "nature" as represented by the Measles virus coming up against a weakness in Human nature. The weakness is arrogance and stupidity, which, when combined leads to well meaning people thinking that their opinions and fears trump statistics and proven medical science. It leads them to think that because they have the "right" to choose which breakfast cereal they buy in Waitrose that they can also freely choose not to have their children vaccinated against this sometimes fatal disease. 

This anti-social behaviour leads to the weakest members of our society, i.e. the very young and the very old becoming unprotected by the herd immunity that mass vaccination offers, and outbreaks spread like wild-fire through vulnerable communities. The bottom line is that people die, and they die regardless of what the latest trendy liberal view on vaccination and "big-pharma" might be.

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