Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Artificial, artificial intelligence

I like this little cartoon from xkcd; there's a lot of hype floating around at the moment regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine based learning (MBL), with many clueless journo's bleating on about everyone losing their jobs and machines bossing Humans around. In my assessment none of the current technology is anywhere near being sophisticated or capable enough of doing either of those things, far from it. 

The best and most pervasive uses of AI in the next few years will (IMO) be, primarily built to help people sort the wheat from the chaff in different occupational scenarios. For example, applications that use vast quantities of medical histories to help doctors predict occurrences of medical conditions early or applications that use past consumer behaviors and intents to help sales and marketing people predict things like churn and buying propensity, and things that disambiguate natural language so that we can interact with useful information-resources and devices in more fluent ways. For those having nightmares about terminators, chill out, relax and ask Alexa to play something soothing.

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