Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Domino effect

I was pleased to read this morning that after the Irish Stephen Fry/Blasphemy fiasco the Government in New Zealand has taken a look at it's own archaic Blasphemy law. Many there are now seriously talking about repealing the law, citing how the Irish incident has shown how such laws are an embarrassment to civilised and pluralistic countries. In fact many officials there hadn't even realised they had a blasphemy law still on their books! In the words of the NZ Attorney General (Chris Finlayson),

"Well, frankly, if a 2000-year-old religion can't stand up to someone like Stephen Fry, they may as well shut their doors."

Well said that man, the sooner these ridiculous and un-just laws are removed from statute books everywhere the better for Human-kind.

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