Thursday, July 27, 2017

Collecting wine

One of the great things about collecting wine over many years is that occasionally you forget what you bought and re-discover it years later. This happened to me today as I was having a clear out of old boxes and rubbish from the room I use as a cellar and I discovered a large format bottle that I'd completely forgotten about. I bought it in an auction back in 2003 and it's from a chateau in Bordeaux (the St. Estephe region) called Chateau de Pez, the vintage is 1975! The format is an Imperial which is 8 standard bottles in one, so pretty big!

Now this isn't one of those wines that's worth thousands or anything, I seem to recall only paying around a hundred quid for it back in 2003, for me it's more about the idea of drinking a wine this old (I was 13 years old when it was made) and seeing what it tastes like (of course there's some good probability that it's vinegar by now) Hopefully it will be a complex, smooth and wonderful old claret that I can enjoy with friends and good conversation, but now my problem is finding enough friends to consume such a large bottle (it won't last more than one sitting) As fortune would have it, there's one friend who's having a "big" birthday in a few weeks, he might just provide the opportunity I'm looking for, if so I'll let you know if it was brilliant or just balsamic.

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