Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Mid-week musings

If you follow the news these days I reckon you'd be quite justified in being seriously concerned about the health of certain Western governments, particularly in the US and the UK. It's like some cosmic force has slammed the bus we're all travelling in into reverse and is pressing down hard on the accelerator without once looking in the rear-view mirror.

In the UK we have Brexit, May and the DUP and to top all that, the revelation yesterday, that one of the main "vote leave" campaign leaders is now saying that leaving the EU might be a big mistake! At least we agree on that point. In America things aren't that much better, we have Trump narrating a barely coherent stream of narcissistic consciousness, mixed with highly sensitive international policy matters on social media platforms like Twitter! All rounded off by Syria and Putin with a dash of nuclear holocaust fancying Asian dictators with their pudgy little fingers on the big red button.

Ho hum..

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