Friday, April 16, 2010

Political debate

Just a quick thought about our party leader's debate on telly tonight..

Pretty sterile stuff I thought, not much "debate" more like a procession of pre-prepared sound-bites, there was the occasional glimmer of actual argument but only a glimmer. In the end my impression was that Cameron is a smooth operator but I don't trust him, he represents the past, vested interests and struggles to gift wrap it as something more modern. Everything Brown says sounds like spin to me, this is probably unjustified but he comes across as awkward and unable to think on his feet he seemed very nervous and made a couple of gaffs. Clegg did OK I thought, this is probably the most people have heard him speak to-date and save a few annoying repetitions of pointless snipes he seemed the only one willing to actually venture into quantification and example. Cameron said nothing of any substance except he'd cut out Government waste (change the frickin record!) and Brown simply said everything is fine, but we need to do more and oh by the way financially we're teetering on the edge of the abyss, it's very easy to become cynical.

It's going to be a difficult choice.


Chairman Bill said...

No it's not! Brown all the way, or Clegg if it means keeping the Tories out locally.

Steve Borthwick said...

CB, I agree about the Tories, their "faith school" plans are probably enough to cause me to run a mile. Brown or Clegg is a tough one; a case of the devil you know, or time for a change, would a vote for the LD's be tactical rather than hopeful?

Elizabeth said...

Go LibDems!

Couldn't get through all of the debate. Turned the TV off and dozed instead.