Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Faking it...

I read today that "TV psychic" Derek Acorah has been making claims in the press that Madeleine McCann is "probably dead". Apparently Acorah told the Sun newspaper that a "spirit medium" told him that the abducted child was no longer on this world and that she would soon be reincarnated. Most people I'm sure would read this and dismiss it as self-promoting bollocks but I can imagine that it would be hugely distressing to others from a number of points of view. The family themselves, who could probably do without it and all those close to the case who are probably nauseated by the fact that such a feckless know-nothing like Acorah can actually make money from the suffering of others in this way.

Acorah was fired from the TV show "most haunted" when it was proved that he was faking his psychic abilities and simply embellishing conversations he'd overheard, any rational person could have saved them a bunch of time and money i.e. repeat after me... there's no such thing as a psychic! (I bet you knew I was going to say that)

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