Monday, May 21, 2012

Infested with Christianity

Some religious apologists like to argue that Biblical and Koranic literalism is a fringe point of view, they try to downplay, even ridicule efforts by secularists and atheists to point out examples of superstition being passed off as literal "truth" in our educational and governmental institutions. And yet still it continues, like some kind of bad £20 note that pops back into circulation for a while and short changes a few thousand people before we wake up and realise that these are naive solipsistic ideas that have been explored for centuries and found wanting over and over again.

Certain forms of Christianity are popping up in places that are yet to learn the lessons of the enlightenment, the people in these places seem to be falling for the same old debunked mythologies that have long since been abandoned by sophisticated theologians and societies in the developed world. Korea is one such place. I read today that pressure has come from Christians there to remove the subject of Evolution from school text books, apparently they are having some success. Presumably good science is being replaced by ignorance i.e. creationism or "intelligent design" which is simply creationism by another name; this is a corruption of science teaching, a lie, a fabrication and will potentially deny access to school children of hard won knowledge and hugely valuable insights into the real world they live in. I hope that secularists and atheist groups in Korea (if there are any?) combat these moves, they have to as I don't see many moderate religious people being much bothered about such things.

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