Monday, May 28, 2012

Retiring royalty

An 84-year-old Windsor woman who has worked for 60 years may have to continue working into her nineties because her son is ‘an absolutely useless twat’, according to Age UK.

‘Her son should be taking over her job,’ said an Age UK spokeswoman, ‘and letting his old mother put her feet up in her declining years, but he’s more interested in talking to lilies than helping her. I’m afraid he’s typical of the younger generation. He’s completely homeopathic, of course – and a twat.’

The woman, who is often described as ‘marvellous’ or ‘amazing’ for her age by people who have met her at garden parties, is said to be resigned to dying on the job, the odour of fresh paint in her nostrils and a pair of silver scissors in her hand.

‘It’s heartbreaking to see her still struggling to cut tapes at garden fetes or receive bouquets of flowers from toddlers,’ said one woman who claims to have shaken the Windsor woman’s hand sometime back in 1946.

‘Women like her deserve some kind of recognition,’ she added.

(courtesy of NewsBuscuit)

I can't help feeling completely underwhelmed about the upcoming jubilee, not being a great fan of royalty generally and an atheist to boot the whole thing seems to be a mash up of many things I feel are unnecessary in our lives these days. Of course having an extra day off work to contemplate such ethical dilemmas never goes amiss, if nothing else it never hurts to be a practically minded subject.


Chairman Bill said...

Her still working at 84 kind of puts the protests about pensions into perspective though.

Steve Borthwick said...

CB, She's got stamina, no question, but the definition of "working" probably isn't the same as most of us ordinary folk and let's face it her (non-contributory) pension plan is pretty decent.