Friday, March 21, 2014

BackToFront 1986-2014

I went to the cinema last night to see the film "Back to Front" (see the trailer above). It's about a concert done by Peter Gabriel at the O2 (London) last year which celebrates his "So" album which was released back in 1986. In the concert he performs all the songs from the album with more or less the same band. The film cuts back and forth between the live concert and various clips of concerts he did back in the 80's of the same material, in fact the cuts are even lip synced with the modern performances. It causes you to reflect on watching two identical performances by the same people separated only by 30 years in time, you realise that the music and the meaning of it doesn't change but the people who created it do, it's a very powerful image. The other great thing about this movie is that it was filmed in 4K which is the new ultra-high definition format, the picture quality is just amazing and the sound was good too a great way to watch music if you can't make it to the original concert. If you are a Gabriel (or even an original Genesis) fan then I would recommend this film, or grab it when it comes out on DVD, although I suspect some of the atmosphere will be lost switching from the big to the small screen. If you fancy watching this at the cinema then you can check the dates here.

I must have a listen to some PG back-catalogue today, remind myself of his enviable creative talents.

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