Monday, March 24, 2014

Sticks and stones

Wow, the BBC just showed a Jesus and Mo cartoon on Newsnight (un-redacted!), this is progress!

Unfortunately they have three Muslim guests who insist on shouting over each other and they're all getting quite excited. Entertainingly I sense them to be trapped in a delicious dichotomy. The dilemma is that they have to feign solidarity with a tolerant (Western) attitude (as they're on BBC2) but clearly feel obliged to defend the sensibilities of their religion's bizarre prohibitions (and presumably their more theocratic constituents) by claiming to be offended, it's rather like a game of cognitive dissonance top trumps. Perhaps when they get home tonight and tuck themselves into bed with a cup of cocoa they'll ponder how much the fabric of the (real) universe has changed as a result of the cartoon being show on TV then realise that free speech liberates even them, and blasphemy is a truly victimless crime.

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