Friday, March 21, 2014

Busy week

I see that the odious American fag-hating shaman Fred Phelps has finally kicked the bucket, good riddance is probably what most people who know about him are thinking at this moment although I fear the temptation to write about him (as I'm doing here!) will lead to his bumpkin family gaining some warped encouragement from it all. So, I'm going to stop there even though the urge to have a joke at his expense is great, I will leave any concluding thoughts to those who actually knew the man for example his estranged son Nathan who wrote a nice piece here.

There have been much more interesting things going on this week, for example the publishing of scientific work from the BICEP2 project in Antarctica that shows observed evidence of gravitational waves from the beginning of time itself, the big bang. If verified these results are as significant as the discovery of DNA or electromagnetism although judging from the reactions of many non-scientific observers you have to conclude that the interest levels in this kind of stuff isn't great, where's Prof. Brian Cox's floppy hair and cheeky accent when you need it.

Secularists and non-religious types have been complaining for a long time now that even though we have laws governing FGM in this country no one has ever been prosecuted, even though the reported cases continue to drip in. I was pleased to read today that the first case has been brought by the CPS against a Doctor in London; throw the book at him I say, "culture and religion" be damned, we shouldn't be allowing this kind of barbarity to remain hidden in plain sight within our country.

To cap it all J&M (above) today is funny and it's FRIDAY! let's hope the weather stays nice..

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