Thursday, March 27, 2014


As we all know there's a lot of media content being generated at the moment about missing flight MH370 the Malaysian airlines flight that seems to have completely disappeared somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean. It must be incredibly frustrating for those involved that our satellites in orbit seem to be able to spot potential debris but so far none of the ships or planes have been able to verify or identify the data. The vast distances involved are clearly a huge impediment to the search. I wonder why someone doesn't try using some kind of seaplane with a support ship so that a verification capability can be situated closer to the area, thereby maximising the search time. I'm sure I read about this kind of thing happening in WWII where planes could land near their support ship and be winched back onto some kind of steam launcher, I guess we don't use such machines any longer or perhaps the weather is too variable?

Anyway, on this theme I spotted a familiar Human contradiction in a news report earlier, it said that the families of victims were passing their time praying and holding vigils whilst waiting for news and that several who were interviewed said that they were refusing to give up hope until presented with indisputable evidence that the plane has crashed (i.e. physical evidence of debris). It struck me how easy it is for human beings to hold dissonant views, i.e. praying to unseen entities in which they believe for which there is no physical evidence for just that, i.e. physical evidence, before believing. Hopefully they will get what they need sooner rather than later, my heart goes out to them, although like many things we experience in our lives we may never get a satisfactory answer, none of us finds that concept easy to deal with.

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